It seems quite impossible that I started stringing these weird stories together 9 months ago.  It has been a gestation not unlike growing a child.  Each month has become more interesting for me than the previous and I never know where these episodes will go until the work comes in.  They develop their own sub-themes and this episode plays around with the ideas of Insignificance and Emotional Invisibility.  As per usual, these things are interpreted differently by each writer and again in turn by each reader.

I am a broken record, I admit that wholeheartedly, because again I will mention (for those of you new to the game) that these episodes are meant to be read and enjoyed in the order you find them and then again as individual pieces.  This episode features the the twisted minds of F.D. Marcel, Dan Provost, David E. Oprava, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Luis C. Berriozabal, Robert Vaughan, Ryan Snellman and Maria Gornell. 

Come and get some.