Hello all you wonderful lovers of flash fiction.  In Between Altered States is airing its final episode.  It has been a wonderful run with so many great writers on the digital pages.  It has been my great pleasure to provide a forum for flash fiction that is sometimes beyond the edge of what others might publish.  As with all good things, they do come to an end eventually.

This website will stay live to provide continued viewing pleasure for those who want it and writers can continue to link their stories to their pages.

This episode is a little different than the usual format.  The first episode was a wing-ding of a publication and the last will also be parting from the norm.  Episode 36 will have four stories of Contrition and four stories of Fugacious…think of it as two mini-series made for tv movies.  I hope you enjoy.

Coming back for one last run are my good old friends: Robert Vaughan, Ed Go, Timothy Gager, Josh Olsen, and Len Kuntz.

Newbies getting in on the last run are: Carly Berg, John Vicary, and Jesse Myner.

It has been wonderful.  Best of luck to you all.  If you miss me you can find me at http://www.regardlessofauthority.wordpress.com.  I’m slinging art over there these days.

Aleathia Drehmer