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Richard played the piece again, slowly, fingers stretching for the high notes while the left hand kept the bass line moving. Then the theme, both hands hard. The notes on the score blurred, every phrase reminding him of a different melody from a long-forgotten time and place, of a radio or phonograph song. An epiphany: how in the name of miracles could Beethoven have written anything at all while stone deaf? In those days with quill and ink…

Another fumble, he started again, mind scattered into shards of nonsense images. Did Glenn Gould experience visions like this? Did all great composers? Rachmaninoff ‘s Prelude in C # Minor, the three thematic notes, restated again and again, building, building… The flurry in the middle, a breeze to play, his ‘banging piece’.

Came Stanley’s voice, a clarion call to his befuddled mind, “This is what happens when you try to play piano on acid. You pick up good vibrations and she gives you the excitations.”

He heard laughter somewhere, ack, damn Russians. He thought briefly about trying Ravel’s Bolero, and knew instantly – that would be madness. Too late! The oboes and their hypnotic opening theme was already crowding all else from his mind. Or was that Scheherazade?

The sim chip paused, inserted titles, credits and anti-piracy admonitions. Mongo blinked and the Featured Escapement clip initiated: “Long ago, in a galaxy…” The Cro-Borg snickered: he loved the Ancients’ humorous take on history…

Air France Flight 228 reappeared on the controller’s screen, having been missing two minutes. On board the jumbo jet, passengers headed from Paris to LaGuardia realized only that somehow something was different. An old lady finished a sentence that she had started and was puzzled to find her mouth dry from remaining open two minutes.

The controller debated reporting the anomaly but traffic was picking up; he decided to put the matter aside when Air France Flight 228 went off the screen again; this time two heavy jets coming in from Boston and LA were stacked and waiting to land. Unfortunately, they were close by 228 and their blips went black at the same time. As the screen began to empty, so did the seats around him in the tower. He started to cry out…and disappeared.

“Flaxis nur, Shasnit.”

“Deeeshemix. Grnoo, GRER, FLOY!”

Following the launch order, the first officer on the alien ship darkened the planet by blotting out the sun, and began the landing of the invasion pods. The oceans rose, volcanos spewed and rumbled, and oil rigs toppled were they stood. Fires ignited in forests and quickly spread. Humans around the planet not effected by the natural disasters were marked and vaporized. By nightfall, the invasion was complete. Signed this date by my hand, Frank Bowling, lighthouse keeper, Cape Cod. God have merc………