He hadn’t slept for four days. It was more like 72 hours, but he was starting to lose track. Their skills were more effective than the last time he had been here. He was tied naked to a small wooden chair in the corner of a twelve by twelve windowless room. Most the time it had a single bulb that hung low for lighting. That was, when they weren’t interrogating him. They would give him water regularly but let him just piss on himself. They started out slow with pictures of dogs shitting on dead bodies. But by the end of the first night they had taped his eyes open to watch erotic videos interwoven with psychotic violence. A masked man hatcheting apart a body as a woman moans in extacy. A man sreaming in horror while you see a woman getting fucked from behind. It was a real number. Then they peirced his nipples with fish hooks. While leaving them in they strung them to a small mower battery. That was where it started to get interesting. The pain of the piercing interspersed with mild shocks, well that kept him awake for the next day and a half. During which they played him all kinds of weird shit. Bears masturbating. Politicians apologizing. It was on his final thread that they did him in. A muscular man wreaking of french cologne leaned in close, and shaved his chin clean. “You are free to go Mr.” he whispered in his ear when he was done. He grabbed his suit off the wall, and proceeded to get ready for the work week. Being it was Monday, he prepped himself for what lay ahead, after this weekend. Numerous starlets had done irrefutable harm to themselves. It was only Monday, plenty of damage to be done