i walk into a wall looking for a light switch & damn it hurts. another time, i walk into the kitchen & cut myself which hurts even under running water. i trip on a loose carpet & it hurts my wrist the way i fall. i bang a knee on an end table & it hurts like hell.

i hammer a thumb & swear it hurts so much. goddam goddam goddam goddam that hurt. i think you smiled. yes. caught you dammit.

i walk into a glass door i didn’t know was closed. oh you know. you know it had to hurt a lot to hit my forehead like that. those people, they could put some stickers or shit on their back door.

i get up out of a chair the wrong way & my back kills me. that is going to hurt me for days

i light a match to light some patio candles & the match burns down before i get all the candles lit. without thought i drop the ember. shit. that hurts.

so why does it seem i am a ghost around you, waving my arms, making arguments on what you do. what you do to me. you do not see me at all.

so i hurt that much more.