Hello all you faithful fans of In Between Altered States.  This is the final episode of 2012 and it is based around the word/idea “Zetetic”.  For those of you who don’t know what that means, it has to do with being inquiring.  As usual I have left the interpretation of this idea up to each writer to make sense of in 300 words or less.

Just as a note, 2013 will be a different format.  I am going from an episode a month to an episode every 2 months.  In order to keep all the great projects I have in forward motion I need to pare back on each of them to leave time for my own creative practices.  I do hope that doesn’t keep everyone from enjoying the great stories that fly through here.

I would like to welcome back two usual suspects:  Cheryl Ann Gardner, Michael O’Brien, and Shawn Misener.  New to the IBAS experience are:  Evan Myquest, Amy Knepper, Markk, Alexander Santo, and Bakhulule Maluleka.

Enjoy and have a great holiday season.