Eddie watched in terror as Jenna’s skin slowly slid from her face.  “You’re having a reaction.  The planet’s atmosphere is melting your skin!  We must get you to the revitalization chamber on the ship!” He yelled as he grabbed her by the arm. Eddie tried to lead Jenna to safety, but she was reluctant.  She fought back; slapping him on the arm and pulling in the opposite direction.  “This is for your own good,” he continued.  “If we don’t get you to the ship you will die! There’ll be nothing left.  Come with me now.”

Jenna kept fighting him.  “Hey asshole! We’re not in space.  There is no ship!  You are tripping balls.  Now let go of me.”

“You’re delusional;  your mind is going too.  I’ll have to use force.  Forgive me, but this is the only way to save you.”  Eddie barely finished the sentence as he clocked Jenna in the back of the head. She fell forward, conscious but in a state of shock.  Eddie took the opportunity to pull her up the steps of the ship and in to the revitalization chamber.

“Ok babe.  I’m filling the chamber up now.  You’ll have to submerge yourself.”

By this time Jenna was back on her feet.  “This is the bathroom moron, not some chamber.  I told you not to take so much of that shit.  You need to calm down.  We’ll go into the living room and watch some TV.”

Eddie didn’t reply. He knew at this point his only chance of saving Jenna was by force.  He lunged at her, grabbed her hair and shoved her down into the chamber.  She kicked and jerked but Eddie was too strong.  He held her under until she stopped struggling.

“There there now, you’ll be fine by morning.  I’m gonna take the controls and get off of this wretched planet.” He said while leaving the room.


Eddie awoke confused and alone in a cell the next morning.  He had no memory of the prior night.  He trembled as he looked out of the bars and thought.  “Oh lord.  Where did I go?  What did I do?”