Episode 27 is finally here…sorry for the short delay.  The theme of this episode is Hyparxis and a nod to all things nerdy and science-like.  I love a good bit of physics theory.  Hyparxis is plainly defined as the ableness to be.  How I translated it for this episode is that there is an ableness to have the existence of parallel worlds and time travel based on this theory.  I do hope you enjoy it.

We add two new faces to the IBAS family:  Salena Casha and Jenny Bohatch.  We welcome back some regular dirty devils: Jason Huskey, Richard Ives, Kevin Ridgeway, Michael D. Goscinski, and Erin Cole.  I added a rare appearance from myself as well to round out the group.

This proved to be one of the hardest themes that I have thrown out to the masses to try and produce work for.  I believe they hit the mark.  Have fun.

Aleathia Drehmer