little girls’ legs

When first they found them strewn about the canyon and up and down the highway it was assumed to be the work of a single perverted miscreant. Still attached to each other—hips and waists intact—moguls attacked the situation for sitcom material to forge a tome of visual recreants giving birth to national culture and pop, but when the first little nubbin’s—discovered in a covered cover uncovered west of the west end projects—picture was posted the whole project was postponed for something more crimescenic. Oh my! said the little lamb to the gimphorse, these taste like nuggets dipped in mother’s milk, or cows’ brine, or semisweet gone sour. . .

Apple Butter

rosary. Rose-marie. In the jungle. In sweatpants. Thwack of the tse-tseslap; smack of a whip. Whip of a tail. Orangutan. Wildebeest. Adidas and Gazelle. The last line of insects a circle round the camp. Fire. Cans unopened. With a rock and a stick, an ape in a mask. By a dungheap the water; by the bottle a glass. Vino. A bra and glasspipe. Broken glass. In the slag of a skinnydip and the bone of the bonobo.  A lemur.  A mango.  A taffeta remnant by the moonlit sheet. Mosquito net and brim; thread of a horsehair. In the sorry of a torch; in the fire.  With a slingshot.  In a jungle.  In nothing. Ave Maria, sweet swell of the.

What the Gimphorse Said

onlydalonly, da loosnin’ lulu, loast in da loam, da lack o’ da lock; loop-di-loop! loop-di-loop! loop-di-loop! lo&behol’ da fewah da mowa! da maxim iz mosim—da happen iz happen! oooohhhhliddle ladle, whe way go to da jayhow now—hoo way goan gloam fo’ da gleemeen’wha da do dat——liddle ladle diddle dadle————tekeli-li!! tekeli-li!!