Episode 26….Deconstruction….couldn’t have come at a better time.  It rides the coattails of an old death, a birthday, and a new death in my life.  The triangulation of these things makes it ripe for the deconstruction of a psyche to happen.  You will read a series of 8 pieces that I hope will display every reach of the meaning of deconstruction.  As always, I hope you read them all in a row because they are arranged to be read that way.  You can go back and hit up your favorites later.
I would like to introduce four new writers to the In Between Altered States family:  Chris Mansel, Doree Weller, Tyler Gates, and Taylor Saldarriaga.
A big ups to the repeat offenders who keep laying it on me:  Joseph Bouthiette Jr, Kyle Hemmings, Ed Go and Robert Vaughan.

Thanks for reading.