Can you believe that summer is nearly here?  The face melting heat seems to shout pretty loudly these days and calls out to how writers tend to use this to their advantage.  Heat stroke can produce some fun stories.  This month we explore the idea of “Shattered” and as with other topics this is left up to the writer to decide how to define it.  Some of these stories are touching in their broken way, some are funny, and some try to answer questions we might all think about.

Episode 25 is proud to welcome new IBAS writers: Joshua J. Mark and Shae Krispinsky.  I welcome back some of my favorite repeat offenders: Maude Larke, Zack Kopp, Luis C. Berriozabal, Ed Go, Jenean McBrearty, and Shawn Misener.

Read all the stories back to back (you can handle it….I promise) and then go back and clickity-clack your favorites.  Enjoy being shattered.

Aleathia Drehmer