I like to conduct myself in a leisurely manner. At first, you might not even think I’m at home. Part of me is several yards away from several other parts equally spaced about my living quarters. My left brain is just there beside the windowsill, best hope no cats come by, mistake that stuff for liver sausage. And if you’ll notice, over there, my right elbow, jutting out from beneath the laundry basket, half obscured by the playful tumble of frilly fabrics fresh from the dryer. Over here, my left eyebrow, attached to a patch of left forehead and the skin that used to run down one cheek, with a little bone and cartillege attached, a little leftover facial “mask plating” as it’s called in biology seminars in some parts of what’s left of the world. There is almost no integrity of form, in such a leisurely manner have I chosen to conduct myself. In this way I am everywhere at once, seeing everything from all angles. Having already gone everywhere even while standing completely still. “Pull yourself together!” scream my infrequent guests. Often they will suggest a course of strenuous diet or exercise. One even suggested I might try joining the army or at least the civil service to give myself a steady diet and hammer the needed rigidity into my skull, one part of which is over there. Chance would have it I found myself three steps ahead and said, “Ha, what flag? How should I wave a flag? Any flag but a transparent one that is? hah!” A true captain of leisure like me, feeling guilty even to stand still, one such as I, to place all my dumb weight on one part of the ground is the same as giving up. My love of leisure notwithstanding.