Rock hard Victor lay strapped to the bed.  The moonlight spiraled through the blinds; freckled on his quivering body.  His wife Janine was wearing his favorite Marilyn Monroe outfit; an almost see-through white halter dress and a blonde wig. Janine crawled between his legs, opened her mouth and leaned towards his balls.

“You gonna fuck me?” he asked.

Breathing heavily she replied.  “You’re gonna get fucked alright.”

“Oh yeah baby.  I want you to take control”

“For seven years I’ve waited for those words.” She said.  “Through the misery and the abuse all I’ve wanted was to not lose myself.” She leaned forward and bit down with ferocity.  Victor screamed and convulsed desperately trying to free himself.  Janine released and went for her night stand.  Numb with pain Victor yelped and cried.  “Why?  Why Janine? I’ve been good to you!”

“Yes, at one time you were good to me.  When I was new you treated me like a princess, but over the last five years I’ve become your showgirl.  I cook, clean and do laundry while you watch your sports.  You won’t even look at me unless a commercial is on.  Sometimes I just don’t exist.  You won’t touch me unless I wear this stupid fucking outfit.  No matter how miserable I tell you I am you won’t give me a divorce.  I never have a say.  This isn’t love.  It ends here; tonight.”

Janine laughed as she pulled a bottle of Ronsonol from the top drawer.  “I hope you like it hot.”  Spurting the fluid onto the bed she was careful not to get any on Victor.  She wanted him to feel the flames slowly swallow his body.  With the flick of a long stem match and a flash the bed ignited.  Victor tugged on the restraints and screamed but it was no use.

As the flames engulfed the bed Janine made her way to the door.  Before exiting the room she looked back, took off her blonde wig, threw it down and said.  “Now I’m gonna go and find a gentleman that doesn’t prefer blondes.”