“Look at what she just posted on his wall.”   It began innocently enough, like a game. She began prodding me to check my ex-husband’s wall on Facebook. She encouraged me to make sarcastic comments when his female friends tagged him in pictures.  But one day I noticed that she began to appear more often on his page. Innocuously at first, things like “I love that director,” whenever he posted a favorite movie, or “I love this band!” whenever he posted a link to his favorite bands. I tried to ignore it. I knew they had mutual friends. But all of a sudden he was “in a relationship,” and her page said “ In a relationship and it’s complicated.” I immediately sent her an email asking who it was and why it was complicated but the next thing I know she deleted me. I started getting strange emails from her friends saying things like “please stop harassing Patty.” I didn’t even know these people. I tried e-mailing her to ask what the hell was going on, but she had blocked me. After a while it became obvious that she was in a relationship with my ex. When she disappeared from his page a few weeks later, I just reminded the people who emailed me that she had once told me that she was planning a trip to Italy. My ex began to have fewer and fewer female friends, but I didn’t mind this at all. I started calling him more often. I tagged him in pictures of our wedding and our honeymoon in Milan. He liked the one where we are holding hands in front of The Duomo Cathedral.