I wouldn’t call it an obsession.  17,231 20 ounce bottles of Fruit Punch Gatorade is not an obsession.  Melinda doesn’t think so.  She looks at the other 17,230 bottles as her sisters and brothers.

I must admit, I do give Melinda preferential treatment; she is my favorite afterall.  However, I don’t neglect the others; I spend quality time with Mary, Jenny, Emily, and Heidi.  I even talk things over with Mitch and he still smells like the trash can I found him in.

See, it’s not an obsession.  Its rescue. People just toss these poor bottles aside, leaving them for dead.  I rescue them.  I bring them home, and, as you can see, I give them new life.

Oh…oh my…  I’m sorry; you’ll have to excuse Melinda.  She can be so veracious since or relationship became romantic.

Oh…oh my…yes. Do excuse us, but when amour calls. You can see yourself out, can’t you?

Coming my love.