The dismal blue light of the moon splintered through the window illuminating the slab.  Gus, the night attendant at the morgue, couldn’t believe his eyes.  His Georgia-peach of a high school crush lying stiff, slightly mangled in front of him.  A car crash: broken jaw, twisted arm, a once recognizable face.  Never able to pry open her vice of a cunt, he now had his chance.

The metal clipboard rattled on the floor, freeing both hands.  Running his tongue up the mannequin-stiff cadaver straightened out his shriveled pigtail of a cock as he lunged into her with the zeal of a child ripping open presents on Christmas morning.  While he fucked away her broken jaw clicked; a metronome keeping time for the gods.  They couldn’t have her until he was done.  He’d waited for years to taste her.  Kissing her face, avoiding bone fragments and stomaching the saltiness of her dried blood, his cock pulsated.  His dream girl, soul-less, love-less, all to himself .  Gus would never again simmer in her heated rejection.  Finally, he was in control, she was the obedient shadow like silhouette he had longed for.  Jackal-esque he devoured his prey.  Drooling, growling, clawing.

Holding back as long as he could, it was time to explode.  His body shook, drops of sweat rained down on her.  Cumming harder than he’d ever imagined, he’d found his way into heaven.  Spreading his seed in a vessel of the gods.