Oh what a glorious time we are living in when there are so many talented writers of flash fiction.  Episode 18 is full of twists and turns infused with individual interpretations of “salvation”.  As with each episode it is my hope that you will read all of the stories in a row for the full effect of the dream I have tried to weave out of eight separation pieces of flash fiction.  If a single piece tickles your fancy, then go back and enjoy it again.  They are small blasts of fiction….go ahead and consume them all at once!  I would like to welcome new writers Danica Green and Michael D. Goscinski to the fold as well as some familiar faces: Len Kuntz, Robert Vaughan, Kyle Hemming, Kristin Fouquet, Cheryl Ann Gardner and Jodi MacArthur.  Enjoy being saved…one word at a time.