When the delivery van pulled up, they wondered what the Gilberts had ordered: new furniture; appliances; a hot tub maybe? It was difficult to guess, because the white van had no visible logos, and the driver had skillfully pulled right up to the garage door, as if pulling up to a loading dock.

– They’ve got more money than brains those people, old Mildred creaked, and we hardly ever see them anyway, probably growing marijuana in there, probably getting new ‘hydrophonic’ stuff, or some other godforsaken thing…

We laughed at the old lady’s malapropism and grumblings, waving to the nondescript delivery man as he pulled away, having gently closed the garage door.

– I can’t believe you all WATCHED HIM, and WAVED — he cleaned us out, took almost everything!

Mr Gilbert moved his family from the neighbourhood a week and a day later.