My maw rutted into an “O” as a child suckling on a nimble artichoke.
mutter fret as she/he saw my visage was nonlinear and not of my possession, but considerably a man of grey mineral: my eyes conned her. they still perform. i was my times of yore: my past life. i/she still am. Who is this lovely chap?

Sleep now queen. Indulge in forty winks. Sleep. Catnap. Indulge in forty winks. …caramel – chocolate pocket ice cream.

I be damned, it’s the sadistic streaking of Mnemosyne. She is like a mitrailleuse grooming for karyokinesis. All rights reserved. Eau de vie artillery emitted the bagasse of turnips. I have mislaid them.

I am fickly creepy.

I need. I need. I need. I need a.a.a. Mithridate. Mister Mistake, ciao there. Have you cleansed your bowl? I do see b.M. you’re a scolded mistake. Ulcerative ukuleles. They cord the tresses of carcass into a bosom of salmon fascicule. I am so sic. I am so fuming, fucking, fSucckin, dire. I am most likely overanalyzing. I just now, shat my panties full of drab self-pity. I feel Lucifer’s tongue in my ear: his shadows. He chortles. He’s my next guest. He has donuts. W/C Time me…. Check! 3 minutes und II seconds. The divine release of a fetid God: jasmine sugarplums!Statutory rape of insalubrious ingestion and hemophilia – mature into writers blocc!
! – not writers miasmas; artistic incarceration. Morpheus, pure-scribe me hallucinatory cupcakes, heaving with stale fluff und ßcream.

I can morsel the bamboo of crystalline surprises; they’re perforated with attrition. I am happy like a nomad with candy. Pus. Rectal seepage. Linear venosity. Jah, a perfect hour. Your copulation is a tic-tac. May you ventilate my breath? Take a prayer from the lavender sachet.

More human than human: Oh, she’s a beautiful man.

Tin chickens, pastel noodles. Care to noodle with the camphor in my knickers? Cheshire cat is performing fellatio on a cheroot.
Now is the time to derange my prostate. Tea bag the dead! Write and fart your intellect.
Lord Castro implied to me, “You role your words with a theatrical tongue.”
Dew drops on kittens 0}}}} and ass kissing mittens.
lovely to have you so sweet and fired honey. Bring me to dinner and suck the sick grape juice –
fuck all the mittens and lay me adieu -Fish swim in parallels, into my heart! IV You II Remember: Fräulein lambs gorge at my sensationalism.