Henry went too far! He needs to turn himself in. I don’t know what went wrong. Characters don’t normally abandon the script. This never happened before. Well, it’s not a “script”, per se. I write it and then it happens. That’s how it works. Somehow the circuits must have gotten crossed. My brother Tom knows and our neighbor Ally knows. I was just being silly when I wrote-“Henry Dunn who weighed a ton, took a walk to the store; he pulled a gun, just for fun, and was seen, no more”. Just a doodle really. But that’s all he was supposed to do! The sirens are endless. And the lights. I just want to crawl under a car and hide. But I can’t. I have to make this right. O.K. Let me get my pen and some paper. I’ll hop this fence. Curl up behind this shed. Hmm, let’s see…I got it- “Henry came to his senses, turned himself in to the local authorities and gave a full confession.” (If that doesn’t work then here goes nothing)

“Orange cat in Brooklyn walks into precinct and tells of murder he witnessed. Film at eleven.”  (After all, seeing is believing, right?)