It couldn’t have been past four in the morning, maybe five, when the Creatures climbed through the walls.  I couldn’t see them in the moon’s glow but I felt their presence the same way I’d feel an itch on the roof of my mouth. The black blanket on the red bed was cocooned around my slipping skin.  It didn’t make any difference.  They swam down my throat and feasted on my flesh.  At first I resisted.  My body wa snailed to the bed like a boy in his coffin.  But the creatures biodegraded my tombstone and left me alone with desire.  My feet scuffed the floor as they escorted me to the kitchen counter where I quickly snatched the bloodless butcher knife.  I placed my naked feet in the sink and let the moon shine on yesterday’s scabs.  In a faint whisper I pleaded with the Creatures but I already knew what would happen.  My hand came down slicing against my legs; my lips split open into an expressionist smile and the Creatures laughed.  The sun replaced the moon and the blood flooded the white sink.  Tears rolled down freckled cheeks as my feet carried the weight of the night into a silent bedroom.