Sam wore a white wedding dress, tennis shoes, and a pink knit cap.  He talked at a frenetic rate stopping only to take a swallow and a giant breath.  Sam did not want to discuss anything that had to do with mental illness.  The first words out of his mouth was always, “I am a US Marshall with the federal government and you are under investigation.”  He would walk away from anyone who questioned his delusions.   Sam was missing two of his front teeth.  He said that was where the microchips were implanted by the Russian counter espionage group, who had successfully kidnapped him and brainwashed him on his 30th birthday.  Sam pulled out the teeth with a pair of pliers 3 weeks prior to his 33th birthday.  He came across a memo that had been left by a rogue Russian spy telling him what had been done to him.  Sam never had face to face contact with the rogue Russian spy.  However, he would hear his voice often and act out on the commands of the rogue Russian spy.   Sam became convinced he was being set up again. He tried to come into the US Marshall’s offices.  But he was turned away each time.  A few times he was evaluated and held for several days against his will at psychiatric hospitals.  This time Sam was held for over a month.  He had every single employee in the hospital under investigation.  He told the doctor it would not be a bad idea if he was targeted for termination.