Hear ye! Hear ye!  Y’all are about to get going on the craziest ride.  Episode 15 is a series of dreams driven around the idea of hidden treasures.  The writers each have thier own ideas of what that could mean and then I get to string them together in one big night terror for you to enjoy.  If this is your first time at this rodeo please note that the stories are meant to be read in order for effect.  You can go back and read them out of order too, whatever floats yer boat, but do give them a try in order.  They are short!!  I am pleased to have back in the ringCheryl Ann Gardner,  Zack Kopp, Luis C. Berriozabal, Jay Passer, Josh Olsen and Shawn Misener.  I am totally thrilled to have IBAS newcomers Robert Lyons and David Haase.  Enjoy your brain on word drugs!!