4 fingers bend to whisper to each other secrets thumb cannot know; opposable—a finger but not a finger, a 5th wheel on a machine that pulsates in dark places when no one’s around.  4 in synchronous motion bend to make a fist perhaps to smash the places where it plays but thumb stiffens in opposition making smashing difficult if not completely impossible because smashing is an objective w/ such sacred purpose that fingers might overpower the will of thumb & smash him along w/ everything else. . . still erect& protesting thumb begins to crawl away from fingers, stretching/worming his way across the surface & fingers disagree how to handle the fugitive:  pointer & middleboth say fuck him—let him go but middle doesn’t ever want him back while pointer says let’s invite him to the smashing & see if he shows up; ring feels like crying but holding back he says oh well—we come & we go & the blood keeps circulating; only the little one wants to run after thumb because he loves him so though he’s touched him least; but whether thumb returns or not—whether they ever see him again—all agree they must go on w/ the smashing—