Flash lovers….this is a fun little set of stories from some seriously talented writers.  If this is your first time here, please understand that the 8 pieces of flash are meant to be read in order.  We create dreams here…shattered and skipping dreams that sometimes turn into nightmares.  Like any dream there are not set seams and one dream can turn into another without a hit of why.  This group of stories are loosely based around disassociation which can be defined as something or someone that is separated from the group.  It is something that is not united.  It is my great pleasure to have stories from our regular contributors Ed Go and Michael J. Solender and very pleased to have these great writers that are new In Between Altered States:  Charles Bane Jr., Brandi Hutchinson, Rich Ives, Melanie Browne, Cheryl Ann Gardner and Joseph Gant.  Enjoy!!