Welcome all you lovers of flash fiction.  This time around in Episode (lucky) 13 we have a variety of verbal cacophony for you.  As always these are loosely based themes that we run with to try and string together 8 stories in a dream like fashion.  Yes, sometimes they are frightening dreams, sometimes funny.  We are very thrilled to present 7 new writers to IBAS and one good friend who has been lending work from the beginning.  Please try and read all 8 stories in a row (they are small…they don’t take long) and then jump back and read your favorites again some other time.  We are pleased to feature work from these fab authors:  Josh Olsen, Jack Bristow, Eric Suhem, Robert Vaughan, Jennifer Hollie Bowles, Levi Gribbon, Zack Kopp, and KC Callagy.