Leyla woke up in a glass coffin at the bottom of the sea. The first thing she saw was her hair floating and slowly turning into sea moss.
     She woke up to pink, silver, gold and purple colored fish scurrying around her. She heard the roar of a storm. She had no idea what she was doing in so deep.
     Leyla got out of her coffin. There was something carrying her towards the surface of the water, but she wasn’t sure what it was.
     On the waves up there, the sun was blindingly bright. There were a thousand little caiques, and in each of them a child. All the children had blue hair. They had not risen from the sea and they were not made out of waves. They whispered from caique to caique.
     Leyla wanted to remember herself so she slept in the shadow of each child. One was called
الملك                                                                                                         اللطيف
             another was called                                        another was called
                      السلام                                                            لغفار
                                                         and           and
The children, in total, were 99. The sweet water of sleep dripped from Leyla’s mouth. Their shadows became her. They began to fit her like a sleeve.
Leyla couldn’t see herself in the names and with a rush she jumped out of her caique. The children lost their faces. Leyla dived into the waters and the faceless children dived after her. They followed her like shooting stars into the sea. And they all lay there, in 99 glass coffins, at the bottom of the sea and closed their eyes.