I didn’t think anything would be salvageable. I just assumed that the impact had been too great. They called and said I had one day to claim anything inside before they demolished it.
When the phone rang I initially thought it was my lawyer. I still had a few felonies hanging over my head at the time from the crash.
I think the owner of the junkyard recognized me. I used to go down there when I was a teenager and break into the cars and steal any parts that were still good enough to get me a few bucks. The old man had even run me out of the place a few times. He threatened to call the cops. Nothing ever happened though.
I had to sign a waiver and pay the guy fifty bucks before going into the truck. Some sort of waving of liability. I didn’t really read it.
The driver door came off the hinges as I opened it. I put my hand under my seat right away hoping it was still there. All I could feel were pieces of flint and dried up gum. I borrowed a flashlight and continued to search. I knew it was in there. It had to be. I don’t even think that the cops checked the truck after they arrested me.
Just as I was about to give up, I poked my hand on a needle. The bag was right next to it. I could feel the tin foil packages inside.
The owner had gone to his office to answer the phone. I quickly put the stuff in my pocket and left the yard.