Hello all my fabulous followers and most excellent writers.  In Between Altered States is celebrating its first year!!!  This has been an amazing journey in flash fiction for me and I have been blessed to come across so many talented writers who are willing to let it all go and be bizarre while still maintaining credibility of work.

I have been lucky enough to have featured 68 different writers in the last year with 16 of them being great female writers (which are hard to come by these days, it seems).  I have had some repeat offenders who have helped to propel this website forward with their dedication to getting the word out as well as bringing new faces in the form of readers and writers.  I would like to thank these writers for their dedication to small press:  Len Kuntz, Tim Gager, Kristin Fouquet, Robert Vaughn, Mike Whitney and Jeffrey Miller.

I would also like to thank Brian Fugett of Zygote in My Coffee for his original idea all those years ago that mutated into this website.  He is the real genius, I’m only as good as the people I borrow from.  I would also like to thank Ben Smith at Horror Sleaze Trash for linking me up and keeping it weird.

Enjoy the junkies/nightmares/fiends!!  Read them all in a row and then go back and indulge on the ones you can’t help but read again.