Well, we have lasted 10 whole episodes and still folks are coming by to read the dark and bizarre droppings of this great family of writers we have been blessed with.  When this all started we weren’t sure how it would take off….if it would last more than a few rounds, but it seems flash fiction is building momentum.

This episode skirts around the idea of “denoument” and I don’t mean in the Merriam-Webster definition of the final outcome of a story, but more the French origination of the word that means to become untied.  There are so many things in this world that could set our lives to become untied…tiny things we never see….a sight….a sound.  This is the dream we are creating in Episode 10.

You find some familiar writers to IBAS such as Timothy Gager, Len Kuntz, Jeffrey Miller, Mike Whitney and Shawn Misener.  You can sample some new blood too with Angel Zapata, Alexandra Brunel and Justis Mills.  Enjoy the unraveling.