Hello great friends and lovers of flash fiction!  In Between Altered States is ushering out 2010 and welcoming 2011 with great hopes for fabulous fiction and people stepping outside their comfort zones to get down and dirty in small spaces.  You can take that any way you like. 

Here at In Between Altered States we believe in those spaces that you can’t give a name to; we believe in the transition between one thing to another.  All the episodes on this website have been crafted to sort of go along like a dream and be read in a row and then enjoyed individually again at a later date.  I am continually impressed by the fiction that people are bringing me, trusting me with, even if the subject matter is hard to swallow or pushes a few buttons they shouldn’t.

We believe in community here and word of mouth, so if you like a story, pass it along.  This project is all about looking at the world in different ways and we hope  to continue this in the coming year.   I would like to give a rousing thank you to Brian Fugett whose original series “Altered States of Consciousness” was the inspiration.  His project came in the very early days of Zygote in My Coffee and last a short 8 issues and featured fringe-like poetry.  Before ZIMC closed its doors, we had thought we would bring in back under a new name, but it never saw the light of day.  We wanted to move on with the project and he graciously granted permission to use part of the original name.  Without him, I guess this webzine wouldn’t be alive, so thank you Brian.

In Episode 8 we are going on a journey into the realms of regret. We all have those places and spaces that are filled with it…sometimes the regret makes us sad, sometimes disgusted and sometimes, we can look back on it and get a laugh out of it.  It is my pleasure to start the new year off with stories from Jeffrey Miller, Dan Provost, Jodi MacArthur, Jay Coral, John Sheirer, Andrew Post, Sean Pravica and Timothy Gager.

Happy Holidays and the Best New Year.