“Congratulations You Won!”
Rick is one click away from another bad decision. He pictures an army of viruses eating the left side of his brain.
Reading blindly, he welcomes the idiocy of the spam and his dull logic.
Betty Jane is at the sofa slurping a Doctor Pepper and watching Wheel of Fortune. She often tells him she will google Vanna White and the word scandal together, “Anyone that beautiful surely has skeletons in her closet”, but she never does. She thinks she has the most glamorous job in television.
He looks at her fat belly, a baby waiting to cry for its bastard father.
She was his high school sweetheart. She ran away with her cousin and came back with sketchy details of her odyssey.
She begged and he conceded.
O_R_I_G_A_M_I, she guesses the fifty thousand dollar question.
There are other clues in the vault that needs to be unlocked.

Rick is still learning to unfold.
Meanwhile, Betty Jane rewards herself with a triple scoop of Strawberry Shortcake ice cream in the fridge.