“Tell me where he is!!!!!”

 “He is in my back pocket,” she told him with a smile that covered her face as she imperceptibly began twisting her hands from the ropes that bound them.

 “You are fucking delusional, absolutely delusional.”

“Delusion is all I have left,” she spit back to the agent standing there in his company issue suit that meant nothing to her.  His supposed authority laughable at best in the face of everything she had seen up until now and the best part was that he assumed he was in control.  She let him continue thinking that as he stepped in front of the flood light that was shining in her eyes.

The agent put his hairy hands on either arm of the chair she was bound to.  He moved his face in close to hers so she could see the serious business written all over his face and the strength in his eyes.  He wanted her to know that he meant business.

She felt his hot, stale breath in her face.  It smelled like the stink of corruption.  It smelled like government.  It smelled like Big Brother.  It made her angrier by the second.  Each inhalation an attempt to suck the life out of her, to coerce the answers to his questions; each exhalation fueled her hatred of him. 

 “Tell me where he is!!!!”

She felt his spittle spray onto her chin, part of it touching her lip and she snapped.  She pulled her head back and butted him in the mouth.  She felt his teeth pierce the flesh of her forehead, felt the teeth break at the solid fortitude of her skull.  She felt the blood running down her face like a river.

 “He is in my back pocket you prick!” she yelled splattering blood all over his nice crisp white shirt.  “He’s in my fucking back pocket.”