‘Fill that loft up Cheeseman. Fill the bloody thing up and then talk to me.’
Gower did up his cuffs and blew his nose and offered Cheeseman a trumpet. When Cheeseman said no, thanks, I won’t take that thing at all, keep it, Gower made a series of new fangled shadow puppets upon the mulberry walls. He made a discuss thrower, that one went down well. He did a space capsule but Cheeseman had no idea what that was. Gower lost his temper then. He started shouting at Cheeseman about Energy Phelps.
‘You’ve got his library card you great wank fest! You know it! Do something about it then!’
Gower watched Cheeseman rise form his desk very slowly, and as he watched Cheeseman reach for a flask, a carrot, a stapler and a wire coat hanger, he thought of the Doc Pomus song. He thought of it, a great bearded thing. He thought of it lumbering along a nineteen fifties pavement looking slow. Cheeseman reached for a mug of tea and Gower thought about falling in love with the Doc Pomus song, and yachting, and learning Mandarin behind a bicycle shed after hours. Then he fired Cheeseman on the spot and went back to his job, which had nothing to do with power lines, but quite a lot to do with transporting helium balloons in giant trucks from one end of the country to another end of the country, and other places, like Perth. He went back to his job and focused.