In The Guardian newspaper dated 21.12.2012 it was noted that “the financial system woke up today in shock”. This, of course, was an understatement in hindsight.


 CNBC was at pains to say, almost apologetically, that it was just the financial worker’s heads that had changed. Later, some commented wryly that their comportment had stayed exactly the same.

 Sky News sent their camera crews to Canary Wharf, CNN to Wall Street & TF 1 took theirs to La Défense. Each one of these tried & trusted News stations found & followed the packs of financial sector workers as they defecated & urinated in the streets around the bistros & mirror-windowed that they habitually frequented.

Some fornicated in the gutters in Chelsea & Manhattan with their striped ties from Drakes of London wrapped willy-nilly around their shoulders as the females sniffed & licked each others private parts, chewing on their Mikimoto pearl necklaces as their bosses thrust themselves inside, much to the enjoyment of children on their way to school kicking the winter slush.


 Cheery xenophobic tabloid, The Sun, had a headline on 21.01.2013 that ran  “ANUBIS-ness As Usual” & featured the story of a wife trying to divorce her husband on the grounds that bestiality was something that even she was not prepared to do.

It was then, a month to the day of the change, that the people unaffected physically by the change worldwide had finally had enough of their rubbish bins being pillaged & having their dear departed’s final resting place dug up & bones stolen & they rose up. “To protect civilisation”, they said, “civilisation & our way of life”.


 The National Enquirer’s lead story for 23.01.2013 was titled Jackal & Hide.