Kate’s friend was looking for some candles. Kate thought it would help if I looked at candles for a while. I told her I was ready to go outside again, but I was just thinking about telling her I was ready to go outside again, and then Kate’s friend came back with some candles.

The candles looked like melted crayons and were the size of beer cans. Kate cracked her lighter and the flame popped and the wicks hissed. I watched the fire grab hold but I also watched them, Kate and Kate’s friend, watching me.

Kate picked me up at the station the night before. She was wearing a Santa hat because it was Christmas Eve. She hugged me and frowned and gave me a candy cane. Back at her place, Kate’s friend asked if I’d rather sleep on the futon or the floor.

I kind of wanted to go outside again, but they didn’t want me to go outside again. They found me in the backyard standing by the tracks, and they didn’t want me to stand by the tracks. And Kate’s friend found those candles.

So I watched the wax pool at the base of the wicks like they wanted me to do, but I was really thinking about trains.