I try not to watch television any more. When I’m at Tom’s, we open the
front window and spread fennel seeds across his front lawn. One day we
will buy a bird bath, but for now we are happy enough to watch the pigeons
peck around in the dry yellow grass. Bird baths cost too much money, but it
would add a certain level of commitment to the project. It’s a project,but it’s not.
I would love to see a bird have a bath. I would love more to
watch a bird bathe (is that a word?) in company. I’m not sure. I’m drunk
now; this is the first time I have written one of these spots totally
tanked. We will see where this goes, if anywhere. I’m listening to Nina
Simone – shut the fuck up, I’m trying to listen. Tom told me that once a
black cockatoo came to eat the fennel seeds and that tripped him out. I
understand what he means. I get tripped out a fair amount myself.